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Making Connections Through the “Trans Trade”

The act of the trans trade, and its ritualization, came readily to hand for me, but it’s a distant possibility for so many of us.

Jan 30, 2023
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As a Queer Author, I Thought I Had to Come Out Before My Books Did

Some misguided fans believe they are owed information about artists’ sexual and gender identities. As a queer writer myself, this worries me.

Nov 15, 2022
Arts & Culture | Queer Life
Before I Came Out as Nonbinary, My Gender Was Thin

I needed to fight my way out of the trance of thinness in order to find out what else was possible, in order to finally see myself.

Oct 19, 2022
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Every Queer Person Should Learn How to Fight

On its surface, Brazilian jiu-jitsu was not a sport that I belonged in. To say that it is macho is an understatement.

Sep 21, 2022
Arts & Culture | Queer Life
Reflecting on the Challenges of Telling Femme, Black, Queer Stories

In writing for TV, I’m committed to doing what I can to wave the Black-femme-boy flag. We deserve to be heroes.

Sep 13, 2022
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Miss Scarlet, in the Lounge, with the Rope: What Clue Taught Me About Gender

Being a girl meant minimizing myself and my needs, but Miss Scarlet embodied glamour, power and possibility in an unapologetically femme package.

Aug 31, 2022
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This Cartoon Will Help You Rethink Your Definition of Intimacy

The show went a step further than other cartoons of the time: It showed young women intentionally building a life together.

Aug 18, 2022
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How Perfume Gives Me Peace in My Genderfluidity

There is no opposite to reconcile. I’ve been both bride and groom, loved and lived as both, since both lived in me.

Aug 4, 2022
Arts & Culture | Queer Life
Patti Smith Defined Cool in Lesbian Bars of the ’80s

I pinballed between circles of lesbians but settled nowhere. Gorgeous women were everywhere but always out of reach in San Francisco’s mesmerizing haze.

May 26, 2022