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What Reading ‘Nevada’ Across Transition Did For Me

Transition needn’t be a straight line.

How are you doing?

Awful. But betterGonna stay in bed and read all day

What’re you reading?

This book Nevada? By Imogen Binnie

Nevada Nevada “the epicenter of trans femme lit.”Nevada Nevada

Hey, what if you’re a girl?






This is what I was so obsessed with? I’ve recommended this to many people?Nevada

I’m just waiting for that Nevada re-release lol

I’m so curious how it’ll beBeen almost 3 years. And, uh, a number of changes

love this book so gd much


Yeah, that is what it’s like

You should go ahead and make an appointment at the gender clinicSince the waitlists are so long

To come back and find both a reminder of why I loved it and new ways to love it too. 

Little FishTime Is the Thing a Body Moves ThroughThe Earthquake RoomBlood BoxInfect Your Friends and Loved OnesHow badlyam I going to fuck up my life?


Can I really do this?Is this really a choice that you can just make?

NevadaHedwig and the Angry Inch

Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones

I think I might just be non-binary

How bad do I want to fuck up my life?Yeah that is what it’s like


Nevada The Catcher in the Rye On the RoadNevada

Nevada gender feelings