Family | Parenting
He’s Starting School at Home, But I’m Just Happy He’s Here

Nothing in my son’s life has gone according to plan. Why would school be any different?

Sep 16, 2020
People | Performers
I Thought Figure Skating Wasn’t for a Girl Like Me

Skating was for graceful girls, pretty girls. Girls with money. Not a girl like me.

Feb 20, 2018
People | Profile
“We’re not going to change the laws until we tell the stories of the silenced”: Playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle on Theatre, History, the Law, and Native Sovereignty

“There is this idea that American Indians are a remnant of the past, not people who have voices and important stories to be shared today.”

Feb 5, 2018
People | Diagnosis
Premature Baby, Preexisting Condition

“I am terrified that one day we will not pursue a treatment our son needs because we can no longer pay for it.”

Nov 6, 2017
Nonfiction | What We Wear
Borne Up by an Ocean

Seeing how many friends have endured harassment and abuse didn’t depress me. It made me optimistic.

Oct 17, 2017