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Taking Charge of My Story as a Cancer Patient at the Hospital Where I Work

Being an “interesting” patient who also happened to be a trainee made me a morbid little celebrity.

May 21, 2019
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When It Hurts So Bad: On Fighting a Depressive Episode

“I feel like I’m hyperventilating. I can’t stop crying and I can’t breathe. I’m afraid I’m going to drown on dry land.”

May 14, 2018
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The Pain Clinic

The opioid crisis has made it risky for doctors to prescribe pain medications to suffering patients in need.

Apr 2, 2018
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Schrödinger’s Cancer

You think you’ll never take wellness for granted. But, despite your best intentions, you do.

Mar 22, 2018
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The Land Without Shoelaces and Sharps: Two Misdiagnoses

For seven years, I lived afraid of my own mind, only to learn it had been a mistake.

Dec 20, 2017
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Premature Baby, Preexisting Condition

“I am terrified that one day we will not pursue a treatment our son needs because we can no longer pay for it.”

Nov 6, 2017
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To the Next Young Black Woman Facing Breast Cancer

“I’ve fervently wished to see women who look like me and have lived through this.”

Oct 19, 2017
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A View from the Beyhive’s Cheap Seats When All You Want Is a Baby You Can’t Have

“Even in that happy space, doubt, disbelief, and a gnawing sadness started to swirl, rise, and create confusion.”

Oct 11, 2017
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“Let Me Pass Away”: When Your Mother Blames You for Your Cancer Diagnosis

“My mother assumed I must have done something to bring a rare blood cancer upon myself.”

Sep 29, 2017
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When All This Is History: North London, the Land, and Life with a Neurological Disorder

I have never been anything but this ragged, medicated self; I have never been less aware of the ground beneath my feet.

Jul 25, 2017