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Looking for My Ancient Religion in Uzbekistan

Still, I was in search of something more, something concrete, something material.

Jun 29, 2020
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The Civil Rights Activist Whose Unique Spirituality Helped Me Find My Own

After I left my family’s religion, I was, for better or worse, searching for a blueprint, a model I could trust, which felt familiar enough to be safe, yet bold enough to be revolutionary.

Apr 9, 2020
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Women Writing About Complicated Desire Saved Me When the Evangelical Church Couldn’t

What I’d been looking for at the convent, I could find in reading and writing. If other writers could channel their desires, I could use it, too.

Oct 15, 2019
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Please Don’t Pray for Us—We’ll Have Children When We’re Ready!

People I hardly knew implied that without children, I was failing as a woman, a Muslim, and a human being.

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How to Mark a Child’s Religious Milestones

Shoshana and Saadia discuss milestones and coming-of-age ceremonies in their respective faith traditions.

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Fasting With Children

“Fasting has been a source of comfort, a way to become closer to God. All that changed when I had children.”

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Teaching Our Children How to Mourn

“We teach each other the prayer so that when someone dies, we are ready to fulfill our obligations.”

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The Upside of Dying

Remember playing outside all day, until the streetlights flashed on at nightfall?

May 1, 2017