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Can You Manifest Financial Abundance?

When I hired a financial coach, I wasn’t expecting to fall down a rabbit hole of mantras, manifesting, and magical thinking.

Ching ching ching goes the money tree / And every time it ching money comes to meMay I be happy, may I be free. It all flows in so abundantly.

Keeping Up with the KardashiansHold four pennies together and shake while you listen

I wish for I want I am I am

Law of AttractionThe Secret Doctrine

The SecretYou Can Heal Your Life

Bhagavad Gita


What beliefs are holding you back?

I will teach you the secret to manifesting money if you give me some money!

Oprah Dumb and Dumber

Place the check in a prominent position where you will see it every day! Every time you look at your check, believe and feel that you have the money now!

amWell, I paid the coach anyway

incomeexpensesEnergy InEnergy Out

Party Zoneiamfullofpossibilities


Abundance, I am ready

I manifested this!

Holisticism HubMoneyWitch

Buy the latte!

Business plans for squiggly-brained creatives!

    Charge your worth.

Roe v. Wade

Hey lady soooo good to work with you. Want to book another month?