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One Sister Sees X, the Other Sees Y

There are times I envy art’s effectiveness in a bilingual context, its ability to transcend language.

Ways of Seeing

Remember, your daddy can see everything

A colorful illustration of the Tseng sisters as adults, gazing at the reader in front of a yellow background.
An illustration of the Tseng sisters by Amanda Tseng

One eye sees, the other feels

Family Lexicon

closed system

I see just fine without you, thanks.


The eye you see is not/an eye because you see it;/it is an eye because it sees you.

A bright illustration of two women looking through a cramped space in the attic of a small house, surrounded by branches holding oranges.

the only one who can see

Did someone die? Are you trying to kill me?

You spoke 100% in Chinese! 100%!100% in Chinese

One sister sees , the other sees .