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As a queer person, I’d had no role models growing up, had to stumble through every relationship, learning how to love as best I could. Dog fostering was a kind of parallel crash course.

There is a colored pencil illustration of a brown and black rottweiler in profile.


There is a yellow and orangish colored pencil illustration of a Chihuahua in profile. The Chihuahua's head is exaggerated in a humorous way.

After that, I couldn’t stop fostering. Every dog I took in was literally a dog who didn’t die—that’s how high the turnover was in Manhattan. But beyond the horror of stopping, I loved fostering, loved the chaos and affection and wildness of each new charge.

There is a blue and black colored pencil illustration of a fluffy, scraggly mutt with his tail between his legs in profile.

You can’t find someone new?