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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Asexuality

“Though desire for sex is considered one of our four primal drives, I lack such a desire almost completely.”

This is DATA, a monthly column by Angela Chen on numbers, nerdery, and what it means to live an evidence-based life.

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To want sex—to be the kind of person who “takes lovers”—is to be considered liberated, provocative, and passionate. Celibacy can be eroticized because the supposed restraint implies a rich appetite underneath. But lacking even the desire for something so seemingly fundamental is to be less of a person and more of an automaton.

In some states, not consummating a marriage is potential grounds for voiding it; in others, impotence is grounds for annulment.


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Our hundreds of emails ballooned into nearly ten thousand each month. I talked with him more than I had with anyone else, ever, about forest ecology and complexity classes, Susan Sontag’s diaries and my asexuality.

t his apartment, John asked again if he could put his arm around me. It was the first time he had done so since the day by the water; he quickly clarified that he expected nothing more. I said yes, this time reflexively moving closer instead of scooting away. Then I turned to face him.