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I Faced My Phobia of Elevators By Facing My Past

Whenever I got into an elevator with other people, I wondered if they could save me if I were dying in there. Like my mother or my father, I needed them—but they could let me down.

Apr 16, 2019
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Emetophobia and Why Purity Culture Won’t Save Us

There is a belief that healthy lives are rewards for correct behavior, and illness and death are earned through insufficient devotion.

Jan 2, 2018
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Such a Klutz

I had to act quickly. I had to do something or my already throbbing forehead would soon be in a lot more pain. He was standing behind me, getting things ready. My mother was standing in front of me, looking nonchalant and chatting away. Unfortunately, she was used to this. But I would never get […]

May 1, 2017
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Thanatophobia: Everything to Fear but Fear Itself

“I went on the internet, searched ‘fear of death,’ and a name appeared.”

Dec 22, 2016