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Thanatophobia: Everything to Fear but Fear Itself

“I went on the internet, searched ‘fear of death,’ and a name appeared.”

False Evidence Appearing Real

What happens next? What about the other characters? They were all still alive, so what happens with their life?

I’m not going to exist one day

Three weeks? It’s been about three years.

We live, work, and experience all these amazing and shit moments, and then we die. And all we become is a memory in the lives of the people who knew us and are still alive. And then they eventually die, and we then cease to exist in any form.

He didn’t get it

Who would I be yelling to? Who would hear me? Who would truly say something that could comfort me?

At some point it would stop like it always did.

What’s the point of doing anything? Existence is pointless. Even if you exist in some capacity after your human death, it won’t be like this. Dust to dust, yea. Everything is part of the same universe but a human is not a dog, not a tree, not a bench.

It’s the greatest science experience a human can ever accomplish,

I don’t belong here. I’m not wanted here on this Earth.

Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of DeathSuper Brain

Super Brain

Staring at the Sun

Super Brain