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Is the Green You See, the Green I See?

As my brain absorbed these other names, the colors seemed to shift. The names themselves were changing how I saw the colors.

Sep 5, 2018
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How Brazil’s Madame Satã Transformed His Life and Became an Icon

By day, he protected businesses from thieves and corrupt police. By night, he changed into sequined gowns to sing and dance in Rio de Janeiro’s cabarets.

Arts & Culture | Book Outtakes
You Bet Your Life: ‘Death Bonds,’ the Investments That Want You Dead

When a new drug regime gave him a renewed lease of life, Morrison began to receive irate calls from the investor who’d bought over his insurance policies.

Aug 2, 2018
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When Scandal Swallows a Book

Marjorie Hillis’s 1930s self-help bestseller, which celebrated women’s happiness, met a strange fate in England.

Jul 19, 2018
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No bodies were found; no predators were located.

Jul 3, 2018