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Why We’re Still Bewitched by the Salem Witch Trials

In that sense, we’re still haunted.

The Witches,

nineteen accused witches were hanged publiclyaccording to the Boston Globe

I got stoned in Salem

Witchcraft Victims’ Memorial

was the true site of the Salem witch trials

“evil hand.”

Sarah Good

those who confessed to witchcraft were clearly reformed and therefore could not be killed for their actionstwenty five deathspregnant women,Dorothy Good, who was either four or five years old when she was arrested

VillageTownSalem Village was renamed Danvers

Salem’s websiteDanvers’s website

factories like linen

Salem’s identity as a tourist attraction is a relatively recent phenomenon

HausWitch Home and Healing

NowAge Travel


2016 after researchers compared contemporaneous maps with contemporary ones, conducted analysis of the soil, and confirmed that the bodies of the accused would have been disposed of there

Parris Parsonage