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The Tortilla Type of Hurt, How One Broke My Heart

What I didn’t say was how much of home each of those packs brought with them.

Dr. Rodolfo Neri Velaeating in space

the miracleOr a box


prepare work spacesmade headline news in Chicago.

eighty workersfour others

Little VillagePilsenBrighton Parkhighest death ratesBlackbrown people

How long have these unsafe working conditions existed? Isn’t it a multimillion-dollar operation? The company is Mexican owned and operated; don’t the owners see themselves in their workers?

Why does this hurt feel different?

Radio Arte

a large-scale reinterpretation

art school

“El Milagro workers file new federal complaint and claim a victory”

risks of amputation in factorieseighty tortillas a minutecomplaints

Rudy Lozano’s murder in 1983. Lozano’s name is as familiar to Latinos in Chicago as El Milagro or the Bulls. I had no idea Lozano had a connection to labor struggles at local tortillerias and how long workers, like Gutierrez, have been demanding better working conditions.