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On Hiking Alone

Here is my official statement on why I do most things alone: I am a lone wolf. I am comfortable with myself. Here is another explanation: There is something about me that is fundamentally unlikeable.

Please don’t let this be one of those times


always around but no one wants you there You make a strange first impression. You’re hard to get to know.

cocktail hour



Hi! I’m a recent college graduate from the East Coast who doesn’t know anyone in Boulder. I am looking for female friends for nights out, hiking, and other adventures.

Craigslist, really? Hope you like dick pics. People are going to start offering you money for your used panties or ask if they can clean your apartment naked. You’re going to get murdered.

Lord of the Rings

I never respond to ads on Craigslist but yours seemed cool

21 and transferred to CU Boulder and don’t know ppl

I know you said female friends but if you want a platonic male friend I would like to be friends

Would love to hit up happy hour or go for a hike sometime

How long does it take to become friends with someone


hey bear hey bear hey bear

That was the day I met the nice family from Houston, that was the recently engaged couple who told me how they got together, that was the woman who gave me her email address and said if you’re ever in Brooklyn you’ve got a place to stay

some guy took this some guy