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Learning to Talk About Domestic Violence

A system that requires us to risk further retaliation when we report being in danger enables and engenders further violence.

Hi, I’m Sarah, and my ex-boyfriend used to beat the shit out of me. What’s your name?

Actually, Officer, as you no doubt saw, this man just hit me in the mouth, and it’s not the first time. I mean, if he’s willing to do that out in the open, just imagine what he does behind closed doors. And, forgive my presumption, but I’m sure that you saw it. Let’s be honest, sir, it’s not exactly typical for you to be stopping a straight white couple walking down the sidewalk in a “nice neighborhood.” But you want me to say it. With him standing right next to me. I know he’s wearing a fancy watch and expensive shoes, but really he’s a monster who hits me, kicks me, chokes me—well, “strangles,” technically. You “choke” on food, but your boyfriend “strangles” you until your body floods with animal panic.



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