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How Watching ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Gives Me Hope After Loss

Supermarket Sweep is what gets me the closest, catapulting me back to a time when we were alive, together.

Supermarket Sweep What kind of race is this?

Let’s face it You never know what’s going to happen on !

Supermarket Sweep

Look for the powder package with a picture of a pitcherOnce a year a thoughtful spouse sends a mailed messageIf you win, you might hit this juicy note

Star Trek: The Next GenerationX-FilesBabylon 5

Wheel of FortuneQuantum Leap.

Who’s the Boss

Sally Jessy Raphael The Twilight ZoneSesame Street Three’s CompanyTV Guide.

Supermarket Sweep herSupermarket Sweep

I keep a photograph taped above the wall where I write, to remind me what is at stake: grief diluting my memories so much I’ll be entirely carried away from her and the former version of myself she knew. Writing keeps me in this dimension. In the photo, I wear a striped onesie and shove a fistful of cake into my mouth. My mother is behind my shoulder, watching me. The sheer delight on her face is so clear that looking at it sometimes makes me weep.


Unscramble: PPREEPTNMI.

This word starts with a and ends with an : P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ O.

In equal portions when cooked, do frozen peas or frozen beans have more calories?

DaveWhy do I play along, when I know I won’t win?

Kristina game is a possibility, even if you already know the outcome. It is a chance to experience winning again.


KristinThis or That? In equal portions of sorrow or missing, which one, when experienced, hurts the most?

Unscramble: OTMHRE.

Unscramble: REGIF.


Supermarket Sweep

What kind of race is this?


Supermarket Sweep