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David Attenborough Helps Me Explain the Climate Crisis to My Son

I use his favorite David Attenborough shows to help me explain my climate activism


Where do the ladybugs come from? Who are the birds singing to? Let’s learn about lions, Mama!

Why will you be gone before breakfast?Are you coming back? Will you be there to pick me up from school?

I promiseI am going to the bank to tell them to stop doing bad things, to stop hurting people and communities.

What bad things? Who are they hurting?

Do you remember the elephants looking for water? Do you remember the orangutans with no trees left to hide them? Do you remember how the ice is disappearing? I’m going to tell the bad people to stop.

California doesn’t have enough water. Let’s turn it off.

How old is he now? He’s growing up so fast! How does he like school?

What did you do, Mama, when you knew?

Only if they were sitting on each other’s laps

Oh, I love you, my baby

Mama, if it stops burning, do you think we can go outside next week?

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