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How Design Impacts Everything

With things like art, architecture, and the like, there’s no question that design is an important factor. The interesting thing about our human existence is how design is involved in other facets of life, almost without us noticing. Read on and consider the other ways it’s involved in our culture. Product Design The parts that […]

Apr 3, 2018
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Why We Must Believe Women: My Family’s Legacy of Violence and Murder

My aunt accused her husband of spousal rape. Less than a year after he was acquitted, he murdered her.

Nov 6, 2017
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Nineteen Slaves

“I thought I would be able to claim some exemption from the darkest time in our history.”

Oct 19, 2016
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Where the Bodies Are Buried

“This is a great place to raise children. Except when they die.”

Aug 2, 2016
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Listening to Kathy

For the Leissner family, domestic terror had a private face.

Mar 30, 2016