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FMA and Me: Reckoning With Anime as Japanese and American

The affectations of white anime enthusiasts made me feel fake, confusing my yearning for the language and familiarity I craved.

Jun 9, 2021
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In Immigrating from Japan, I Lost Language, Home, and Pokémon

Maybe, I thought, I could play Pokémon with my peers and bridge the gap between me and my an all-white classroom. But we lose things in translation.

Aug 28, 2019
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ハーフ (Hafu): On the Fetishization and Mistranslation of a Biracial Identity

Hafu carries insinuations of otherness; of not belonging, but being fetishized. How do I carry this name and this history at once?

Jul 16, 2018
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温もり (Nukumori): When the Distance Between You and Your Loved Ones Disappears

Nukumori can refer to a kind of existence not dependent on physical proximity, allowing a person’s presence to linger with you even if they cannot.

Jun 6, 2018
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憂鬱 (Yuutsu): When Mental Health Is Mistranslated

How could I navigate my Japanese-language emotions in pursuit of a Western psychiatric label?

Apr 30, 2018
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愛してる (Aishiteru): How to Say “I Love You” When the Language Doesn’t Exist

When he asked me how to say “I love you” in Japanese, I translated linguistically, but mistranslated culturally.

Mar 26, 2018
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切ない (Setsunai): When You Need a Word to Hold Both Sorrow and Joy

‘Setsunai’ implies something once bright, now faded. It is the painful twinge at the edge of a memory, the joy in the knowledge that everything is temporary.

Feb 26, 2018
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大事 (Daiji): On Living Between Two Cultures and Learning What Is Most Important

To me, ‘daiji’ embodies the struggle to prioritize two languages, homes, and selves.

Jan 22, 2018