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Nothing in my life had assured my blood relationships.

Fiction | In Translation
To the Roof

Everything looks better from far away. A camera that floats over a polluted sea still brings home serene footage.

Feb 11, 2022
Fiction | In Translation
So What’s Your Name, Sandra?

Her son’s name was Bison and, wouldn’t you know, she’d enjoyed calling him “Son” for short.

Fiction | In Translation
Bluebells: A Russian Short Story, Here for the First Time in English

“If you put them in a jar will they wilt overnight?” Junior Lieutenant Volodya asked.

Oct 27, 2017
Fiction | In Translation
Phone Call From Hell

“We want you to write something for our anthology, the Malignant One explained.”

Mar 3, 2017
Fiction | In Translation
The Baby Carriage

“He wrote a letter about the baby carriage problem to the president.”

Feb 22, 2016