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Phone Call From Hell

“We want you to write something for our anthology, the Malignant One explained.”

Marguerite Feitlowitz.


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Marguerite Feitlowitz’s most recent book translation is , by Salvador Novo, Introduction by Carlos Monsivais (University of Texas Press, 2014). She has translated works by Griselda Gambaro, Angélica Gorodischer, and Liliane Atlan, among others. Original fiction appears in the current issue of . Recent criticism has appeared in , and she co-guest edited the Spring 2014 issue of , whose theme is “Beyond Violence: Toward Justice,” and which features contributions by Patricio Pron, Juan Gelman, Luisa Valenzuela, Laura Restrepo, Juan Gabriel Vasquez, Yuri Herrera, Andrea Cote Botero, and Claudia Hernandez, among others. She has translated other Valenzuela stories for and . She is a professor of Literature and Literary Translation at Bennington College.