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So What’s Your Name, Sandra?

Her son’s name was Bison and, wouldn’t you know, she’d enjoyed calling him “Son” for short.



My, don’t they look sweet from up here,

He’s at peace with our Heavenly Father now, Eda

Sandra’s not my daughter, Inanguda, it’s me. I have a kid named Bison, but he poisoned himself.

Poisoned himself? But why?

Because I told him he was no child of mine. And then I kicked him out.

But why did you kick him out?

I found out he had a boyfriend, Inanguda.


Ise—ise goarku, Inanguda?


The people she’d met when she moved to Bekasi called her Bison’s mother, Mama of Bison—“Mama Bison.”

Bi sonbi-son, bison, bison


Ise goarmu?—What’s your name?

Sandra, Inanguda. Tongtong Sandra goarku—Sandra has always been my name.