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“The Disappearance”: A Novel by Rosa Guy

“Guy’s novels are like Judy Blume books for black teenagers.”

“Everything Guy did was founded on friendship . . . ”

The Friends

New York Times

The FriendsRubyEdith JacksonRuby

Sula,The Friends

Bird at My Window, New York Times

The Heart of a Woman.Times

The RootThe Friends

Fallen AngelsMonster

The Disappearance

The DisappearanceNew Guys Around the Block,

The Friends,Edith Jackson,

Edith Jackson

The Guardian

Maya Angelou. “Rosa was tall, beautiful, dark-brown and fiery,” said Angelou. “She danced, argued, shouted, laughed with an exciting singleness of mind. We were alike in boldness and fell quickly into a close friendship.”

Bird at My WindowMy Love, My Love: or The Peasant GirlThe Little Mermaid

Once on This Island My Fair LadyCarousel.

NarrativeSchoolhouse RockA Measure of Time

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