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“Rhode Island Red”: A Novel by Charlotte Carter

Carter’s characters rarely do what one might expect. Reading her work just gives you a jolt.

If He Hollers Let Him GoThe Lonely Crusade

For Love of ImabelleA Rage in HarlemCotton Comes to HarlemThe Heat’s OnCome Back, Charleston Blue.

Rhode Island RedCoq au Vie, Drumsticks

Rhode Island Red Morning StarJazzBe-Bop, Re-Bop

Cotton Comes to HarlemRhode Island Red,

Spooks, Spies, and Private Eyes,Colored American Magazine.

A Lucent Fire: New and Selected PoemsPersonal Effects,

The Sheltering Sky

Rhode Island Red,Lady Lie,

Bird Flight

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red

Out of the Past, Crossfire,Odds Against Tomorrow,

Coq au Vin,BreathlessDiva.

Sheltered LifeOrdinary women: Mujeres comunes Tragic Magic,Darktown Strutters

Ordinary women, Dance of the Infidels

Rhode Island Red

DrumsicksWalking BonesJackson ParkTrip WireRooster’s Riff