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A History of Premature Births, Including My Own

Dr. Couney settled in the United States in 1903, when he began exhibiting incubator babies on Coney Island every summer. “Infant Incubators With Living Babies,” the sign above the building read.

Attention. Viewer Discretion Advised. The human embryos and fetuses in this exhibit are real. The survival of these embryos and fetuses was prevented by natural causes or accidents. These specimens were collected from medical universities and hospitals and prepared by Dr. Hunther von Hagens, inventor of the plastination process and creator of the Body Worlds exhibitions.


New York Times

“Time on our hands / every day that goes by, time on our side.” Where the Red Fern GrowsSchindler’s List.


Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives

mother love, hearing stories with happy endings, crochet squares, and baffled doctorseverything will be okay.

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