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Promoting My Book with Postpartum Depression

I previously had no concept of what it was like to be a victim of your troubled mind.


Game of Thrones

Well, I didn’t die

Ha, ha, my book came out this week but if I didn’t have my daughter to care for, I would jump off a bridge! In fact, I almost died two hours ago—isn’t that hilarious?

Oh look, you little bitch, here’s another moment that was supposed to be good, but you have ruined it all.

Wow, this would be such an awesome moment if you weren’t a psycho!

Are their smiles sincere, or are they dying and screaming inside? How about my new friends and colleagues or the neighbors walking their dogs by my house? How about those writers on the stage that day in Iowa or all those booksellers, so cheerful in spite of the cold? Who was I to say they weren’t suffering too?

My Favorite MurderThe Bell Jar

Okayso this is how it’s supposed to feel—like a celebration, not a con act.