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The World Doesn’t Bend for Disabled Kids (or Disabled Parents)

My kids have been kicked out of many, many places for being different—just like I was.

At age four, I’d been kicked out of our preschool carpool, and my mom was both ashamed and worried. She knew we needed help.

too disruptive.

Mean Girls

Did she put other kids in danger? Did she put herself in danger? Did she damage property?

Katie, that’s amazing

If she’s a good swim coach, she will know what to do.


That’s right, you make him do things.Why would you want to anyone do anything?

Well,That doesn’t sound easy at all.



Stubborn. Noncompliant. Talks out of turn.

My sons’ first piano teacher moved away. The second one died tragically young. My sons love playing piano. So I hired a third piano teacher. The other day, she quit after only three lessons, saying that my sons “aren’t interested in piano.” After I got over my devastation—the initial feelings of shame, embarrassment, and pain—I recognized her words for what they were.

She told me that she was at a cocktail party when the Mean Girls of Carpool informed her that I was no longer welcome in their station wagons.