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My Kwik Trip Gas Station Has Always Been There for Me

I want to preserve this old gas station because it feels like preserving myself.

STORE CLOSING: gallery of 16 photos from the last day, December 14, 2022, as workers rushed in the final few hours to clear the store out.

It was just nice knowing it was there.

As a kid, I used to ride my bike down there all the time and buy baseball cards in the early 90s.

I remember buying Swisher Sweets there underage many years ago.

doesn’t give two shits about your nostalgia.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

In the summer, I used to buy Flintstone Push-Up Pops here. I’d purchase the pop and forget the loose change on the counter, wait for it to melt so I could push the plastic into the cardboard cylinder, then eat it as juice dripped down my hands. When this building was open, I thought I could grasp that memory, but I can only reach out for it.