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How to Say I Love You in Italian

With friends and family, one says “ti voglio bene”—literally “I want good for you.” And I believe love is not only something you feel, but something you do.

I love you

bihabbak/ikI love youta’burnita’brini may you bury me

I love youti amoti voglio beneI want good for youti voglio bene


Beautiful Love, Beautiful Love, don’t leave me / you who don’t believe in miracles, but know how to make them.


ti amo

L’Albero degli zoccoliThe Tree of Wooden Clogste öle béti voglio bene

Him: I would like to know if I can greet you, it would please me to tell you good evening.

Her: If it’s just that, there’s nothing wrong. [Literally: There is nothing wrong inside it.]

Him: And you? You tell me nothing?

Her: Well, I also tell you good evening.

i parla insèma—they talk together—

amare .

Call Me by Your Name .

I want good for youti voglio benete öle béI care for you