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I Didn’t Want to Miss Baby Night

Children appear in horror all the time because to parent one is naturally terrifying.

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The Need

HuhThat’s interesting.

Rosemary’s Baby


If I do this, if I decide to, if I’m able to, it will be provoking dysphoria

Rosemary’s Baby

The OmenThe OmenRosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s Baby

The Omen

AhThere it is

The OmenThe Omen

The Omen

Dead Blondes and Bad MothersMaw

Rosemary’s BabyThe Omen

Can I ask—did I behave such that you were ever sincerely worried I might be the Antichrist? Or was it more of a joke/bit?

A couple of things 1. The stork bite, 2. You would look over my shoulder like there was someone behind me, 3. You would give me a dirty look.

But you never pushed a nanny through a plate glass window or anything. 🙂