Catapult | Year In Review
On Grifters

Everyone deserves to have a seat at the table, and that seat can’t be tricked away from us by some faithless cis white politician’s grift. At least it shouldn’t be.

Dec 22, 2022
Don’t Write Alone | Notes From Class
What, Exactly, Is Queer Literature?

Once I gave queer authors the keys and stopped worrying about what, exactly, queer literature meant, my students’ work taught me something about what queer literature actually is: a lens on the world.

Nov 30, 2022
Columns | Scaring Children
After the Green Ribbon

The story of the girl with the green ribbon was once a generic tale of horror. Now, it is about about gender.

Feb 1, 2022
Don’t Write Alone | Free Write
Creating Scenes for Discovery

Storytelling is like the TARDIS in ‘Doctor Who’—the narrower and more specific we get on the outside, the bigger it gets on the inside.

Jan 12, 2022
Columns | Scaring Children
I Didn’t Want to Miss Baby Night

Children appear in horror all the time because to parent one is naturally terrifying.

Oct 25, 2021
Columns | Scaring Children
Ingredients of a Goosebump

All the things I would have shielded my younger self from, they crop up in books, too. And they are not the monsters with the glowing eyes.

Sep 16, 2021
Columns | Scaring Children
The Handbook for the Recently Deceased

In the film ‘Beetlejuice’, death is exaggeration. To die is to become a different size, to be viewed as grotesque by an outside observer.

Jul 20, 2021
Don’t Write Alone | Notes From Class
Revise Toward Praise, Not Away From Criticism

Revising toward praise gives a writer a direction to go, something to build to instead of something to run from.

Jun 14, 2021
Columns | Scaring Children
The Mothers and Their Daughters; The Leavers and the Stayers

I love to be a leaver. To be the one that steps out into the unknown, even as I am terrified.

May 5, 2021
Columns | Scaring Children
We Are All Still Children

A lot of my fears have been made real by the last year. And somehow, some way, I have returned to an insatiable appetite for things that scare me.

Feb 10, 2021