Nonfiction | Retreat
The Deluge

“I’m overwhelmed”… That’s a term often thrown about in the wrong context. I’ve heard girls use it when their best friend comes out of a dressing room looking incredible, “I’m overwhelmed how amazing you look!” (come on! Your friend is beautiful! Have you had Roy Orbison’s glasses on all this time?!) I’ve heard it from […]

Feb 25, 2018
Nonfiction | End It Now?
You can do this!

I love being busy. I love a drama. I get bored easily. However, I also used to get very stressed easily and panicked and overwhelmed with the juggling of balls. Then my energy and my vibrations got negative and as I emanated negativity out so the negativity came back to me. As a consequence that […]

Jan 14, 2018
Nonfiction | Fertile Ground
Online Dating Debacles

So. Dating. Specifically online dating. Yeh I can hear you slapping your hand against your forehead and screaming “NO! NO! & IN EVERY WAY NO AND THRICE NO!!” But I just want to say that it serves a purpose. It does. It’s not for everyone though as you’ll soon discover…. Look, you go to a […]

Jan 3, 2018
Nonfiction | Retreat
Bed-rest and Reflections..

On December 28th my body broke down. Again. Since August I have been plagued with colds and coughs and almost asthma attackes, put on antibiotics and steroids. On December 28th my head felt like it was inside one of those victorian metal diving helmets. On December 29th, I woke up feeling completely drunk, holding onto […]

Jan 1, 2018
Nonfiction | I Survived
Relationship Hopping

Life events maketh the man…

Jan 1, 2018