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To Volcanoes (at Gmail), with Love

What a strange place the internet is, where we can reach a stranger by the slip of a key—or get their mail.

Jul 9, 2018
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Why You Left Social Media: A Guesswork

“Social media hold out the promise of authenticity, but never fulfill it. In this way, they reproduce the craving for authenticity.”

Nov 29, 2017
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Spectator: My Family, My Rapist, and Mourning Online

“I keep looking for that final update, confirmation that he is gone.”

Nov 22, 2016
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I Hate Shopping (and Shops Are the Problem)

“I can convince myself that the website’s tasteful design is at odds with child labor and unlivable wages.”

Nov 14, 2016
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Scrabble With My Mom

“No matter what else happens, I play my turn, and she plays hers.”

Oct 24, 2016
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A Life in Google Maps

“I can’t zoom in far enough to see if we were happy, or sad, or changing, or lying to ourselves.”

Sep 12, 2016