Fiction | Novella
How to Be a Family

A married couple and their twin sons weather the heartbreaks and savor the joys of family life over decades in this novella.

Jun 14, 2019
Fiction | Novella
Making Friends with Elephants

A Emu is saved from drowning by an elephant, then he and his girlfriend Gotva wonder the jungle fighting evil.

Sep 19, 2018
Fiction | Novella
I Had A Muslim Friend Once

In a small town divided along religious lines, can two teens—a Hindu and a Muslim—be friends? Fiction from India.

Feb 2, 2018
Fiction | Novella
Far Light

A slow faucet leak that’d dripped every few minutes during summer had turned into the small glacier Sabine was now chipping through with a Philips head screwdriver. She paused to check the tip for damage; the tool was making quick work of the ice locking her out of the crawlspace but it was too valuable […]

Nov 7, 2017
Fiction | Novella
There Are Worse Things Than Money

“Don’t get pimply before a trial. It’s a sign of stress. They’ll think you’re lying.”

Apr 28, 2017