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I Had A Muslim Friend Once

In a small town divided along religious lines, can two teens—a Hindu and a Muslim—be friends? Fiction from India.

Four months after my sixteenth birthday, Papa bought me a Honda Activa. I didn’t know anything about it till the moment he drove it in and parked it in our front yard. For the first few minutes, I believed that he had bought the scooter for himself, and that was happiness enough, for I imagined that I would get to use it every once a while. Then he called me closer and demo-ed the electric-start mechanism. The scooter settled into a low hum. Meanwhile, Mummy had started the process of finger-painting an orange swastika just above the headlight. She smiled at Papa once, and since a smile was something rare between them, I knew immediately that the moment was special. Then the two of them looked at me and laughed together, and I understood that the Activa was for me.








Will I get married to her,

He shouldn’t have said that,

My friend Daanish,pulped,Save him,

Why did he have to pick a fight,

My friend Daanish,My friend Daanish.

My friend Daanish.

The probability of a man hitting a target is 1/4. He tries 5 times. The probability that the target will be hit at least 3 times is _______.

Four boys and four girls sit in a row at random. The probability that boys and girls sit alternately is ________.

and his friendsHindu girls.

stable but not out of harm.



real world.


The woman might be Daanish’s wife,