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After Losing the Ability to Eat Solid Food, I Had Lost Twenty Pounds—Did I Want to Lose More?

“I need a new way to eat,” I say. The nutritionist nods and says, “You want to lose some weight while we’re at it, right?”

This is Hard to Swallow, a new column by Kayla Whaley about nourishment, disability, and adjusting to life after a sudden and massive dietary restriction.

The nutritionist’s office is in a high-rise around the corner from where my mom works. To get there, Dad and I have to drive by the donut shop Mom’s coworkers favor, nestled in a small shopping plaza beside a main intersection. If this were a few months earlier, I’d have had Dad swing in and pick us up a dozen donuts, whichever the person behind the counter recommended. But a few months ago, back when I could still swallow solid food, I wouldn’t have had an appointment with a nutritionist at all.