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How to Travel Through Time with Your Kindred Spirit (and Also Make a Feminist Webseries)

How much importance is seemly to place on our work and friends? How big a feeling are we allowed to feel for things that are not global calamities, or men?

c. 2003

“Casualties of war.”

August 2015

Beck & Clem, In the show, Clem (played by Emily) arrives from circa the 1500s-ish and Beck, a twenty-first-century woman played by me, delights in showing her the modern wonders of feminism, sexual freedom, plague cure, and Thin Mints.

October 2015


The road trip was as idyllic as the reality was not. My first month in LA with Emily was an ever-widening stress gorge. Our housing fell through (multiple times). We got bedbugs. My dad had a heart attack. Plus, parking tickets. We consumed many cups of wine, hot from the trunk of the car, on the sidewalk outside of laundromats.

Les Misérables,

photo courtesy of the author

Aug 29 2016

I think I drunk-texted you about this! But here is an actual draft/sketch of ten webisodes of the two-lady comedy re: time travel.

If you DON’T want to do this I’ll just add it to my screenfolio and shop it around or whatever I’m supposed to be doing. If you DO I will save it for you.

Aug 31 2016

I am all about this. When are you in Detroit next?


Beck & Clem

production photo courtesy of the author

In friendship and webseries and fascist coups taking over your country, you need people in your corner who care, excessively, about doing the right thing.


Beck & Clem

photo courtesy of the author