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Body Armour: From Gymnastics to Scoliosis

“He traced my spine. It turned out to be curvy, a little snake made of bones.”

You have to be flawless. You have to be graceful. You have to be skinny. You have to be the best. Perfection is the ultimate goal.




“Now on the scale!”—

“Higher!” “Slower!” “Bend more!”

“She is like modelling clay,” “You can make her do whatever you want,”—

“Endure! Don’t stop! Hold it!”“Carry on, Paola. Don’t mind the pain, the performance is what matters.”

how have I done it, why didn’t I rebel?.

“It suits you.” “It matches the way you move.” “It’s the most elegant.”

“Listen to the music!” “Count!” “Wait!”“Be still!” “Make the closure!” “Smile!”