Nonfiction | The Secret Life of

A Witch in 2015

A life of magic and empowerment

I love witches especially dark ones, I find them to be very brave. They say the things no one else is willing or brave enough to say. They show us what we are afraid to confront. But in this world many artists  show witches to be  ugly monsters with horribly uncomfortable shoes, big noses and severe hormonal and emotional imbalance. But a real witch is probably one of the most balanced people you will ever meet.

To truly discover magic (yes it is real no matter what anyone tells you) you need to love yourself in the face of other people’s misunderstanding, anger, fear and rage. Magic comes from a place were you hold your ground when the monsters come out of the cave. It is what gets you through whatever life throws at you. There are no gods or goddesses telling you what or what not to do, it is all about your own imagination and the power to be true to who you are.

Other witches show me that it is ok to be different and feel different, they show me how to feel beautiful in the face of adversity and they show me how to use and take responsibility of my own power. More over, not to give up my power to others.

It is one thing to support and help someone, but quite another to allow them to take your heart and soul. Some things you keep for yourself. It is your life after all.

So here in the North the darkness grows, the leaves have mostly fallen and it is a time to let go of old hurts. So perhaps it is time I had a word to the Joulupukki before Yule. We have some serious things to discuss, Lilith is very unhappy about his wasteful present giving, she is quite tired of cleaning up after his mess. And honestly, I could not agree more.