Nov 10, 2016

Piran and Annabela’s Vandalised world

Piran a young Kurdish chap of 22 the only son of Afrin Nazir and Nora Nazir in search of a better earning came and settled in Cizre a Kurdish south eastern region of Turkey in 1986 a time when enmity between Turk government and kurdistan worker’s party PKK was at peak.In the beginning he took […]

Piran a young Kurdish chap of 22 the only son of Afrin Nazir and Nora Nazir in search of a better earning came and settled in Cizre a Kurdish south eastern region of Turkey in 1986 a time when enmity between Turk government and kurdistan worker’s party PKK was at peak.In the beginning he took up a job in a fruit store owned by a trader Ardil Hussain of his community who was staying with his wife only as their only son who was a die hard worker of PKK died on an encounter with Turk snipers in’80.He was of his father’s age and was very kind to him and piran’s dedication and enterprising attitude attracted him a great deal so one day he deliberately proposed Piran to take over his business on lease and told him that he is now too old to carry on his business any more and as he loved him no less than his son he assured him that there wouldn’t be a stringent terms and condition as such, only as minimum as 2000 lira per month would be pretty enough amount for the two oldies to survive and the rest of the income would be his dough albeit Ardil Hussain imposed a little condion on Piran that he would have to keep paying the money as long as they would be alive.Piran though showed reluctance at first but eventually couldn’t turn down this fatherly person’s earnest request


The next morning the sun was looking much brighter to Piran,albeit within this 4years span he imbibed the in and out of this trade yet felt shivering beneath his sole on the very first day,however day by day Piran’s business was getting to its pinnacle as if the touch of his wonder hand brought him sun even at night,his bank deposit was swelling in rapid pace.Piran annexed the adjacent space to his existing shop so as to keep pace with the increasing demand. Ardil and his wife cuddled this adorable chap more tightly , they were immensely pleased seeing Piran’s escalating progress.

Piran too didn’t end up his responsibility paying 2000 lira per month to this old couple.He would even have their home maintenance done by labourers as and when required and looked after their other necessities.Now these two old couples vehemently wanting Piran bring his fiance from his homeland Drhuk in Iraqi kurdistan marrying her. Piran too couldn’t ignore the gravity of marriage right at that situation.Doing the daily household chores and managing the business became pretty difficult to juggle.Piran firmly made his mind up and finally within a fortnight he brought his boyhood playmate his adorable sweetheart exquisitely beautiful Annabela the daughter of a poor carpenter Amojgar Hassan to his apartment at cizre where he would stay alone.

Annabela was slowly slowly getting adapted to the new environment and though Ardil and his wife stayed seperately at Mardin a southeastern small Kurdistan city of Turky near the bus stand from where Iraqi bound bus could be availed and as their place was a couple of miles away from Piran’s residence, Piran would visit at least thirce a week to inquire of their well being and His wife too became used to this. Annabela with her charming behaviour took little time to get mingled up with this family and Mr. and mrs. Ardil was overwhelmed with her sense of responsibility.

This way Days flew past with the speed of wind.Mirth and blith became the part and parcel of these two mingled up families but sinister cloud reserved a tempest in store.In the meanwhile both of the old couples left for heavenly abode leaving these two under a shedless tree.Piran would go out in the morning and come back late at night and Annabela after doing the household chores locked herself inside her bolted room.

Annabela would go out either to groceries or to fish mongers or vegetable mongers if situation demanded and perhaps on her way to market or way back home, from the Police station that she had to go past somebody or other might have followed her and nestled their hunger below their abdomen on being attracted to her ravishing beauty.Sometimes Annabela could smell the filth through her sixth sense but turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to that.She even didn’t bring out anything to Piran as she was not at all much concerned about that rather she was vehemently feeling an urge to visit their homeland where parents of both of them were longing for their children like thirsty birds.It is for readers’ information that both of them were neighbours in Drhuk.On a full moon night while Annabela was caressing Piran’s furry chest and kissing his pinkish cheeks and lips off and on she disclosed her treasured wish and Piran couldn’t turn it down as usual like her other requests he would keep.Next day Piran himself did lot of shopping that included garments ,ornaments,exotic curtains and 3/4 pairs of ottoman wear.Though the lands were different but the distance between was not much but work load has always been a constraint for Piran but Piran was then determind. That night Piran handed over the packets to Annabela and thus gave her an eye popping surprise.The departure was schduled on 15th August 1990,Piran even did the seat reservation beforehand for a 6hours long journey.Annabela got carried away with her hubby’s such a noble act so immensely that Piran had some bonus fondling that night.Only 4 days left but still some indispensible stuffs were left to be shopped, so Annabela had to go out shopping.It was onset of evening.

She was walking down the road nonchalantly murmuring the things to be bought,she was literally absorbed in her homeland’s thought so couldn’t sense she had already been flanked by two robust rogues who were walking abreast for quite a few seconds ,she got back to sense when those two held her arms from either sides tightly and dragged her into the police station to a solitary room and started trying to ravage her tenderly womanhood by whatever means they could; a bizarre combined smell of alcohol and tobacco was gushing out of their mouth but Annabela was not also poorly built she gave her utmost fight and suddenly by god’s grace she slipped away from their hand .

Annabela started running direction less and cantering through the glimmering alleys she got a pub on a fourth crossing and rushing into it she hid herself behind the entrance door of the pub.she was panting badly and with immense difficulty suppressed her breathing that was whistling in the silent hall.The old lady keeper of the pub on being shocked at the sight of Annabela’s torn apart top and ruffled hair just going to ask her about the turmoil she hurdled over but Annabela winked her to keep mum and asked her to hide herself asap,the old lady before hiding herself into the washroom opened a secret chest of their bar cabinet and passed on a 9mm to Annabela from there; it was like getting showered by rain before craving for cloud to Annabela, then old lady hurriedly sheltered into the washroom and bolted from inside.

Evening already entered into its deepest part,unfortunately the bar also got empty earlier than other days. The chairs were not in their places,, food leftovers were scattering hither and thither on the floor. Whisky residue from every goblet seemed relieved of the drunken lips.The predators inscripted their mode of torture on Annabela’s upper arms and breasts but they couldn’t loot her principal private part.

Annabela could feel well the hynas were combing around to fulfill their half quenched thirst. No sooner had she thought about the probable next event than she heard the swish of shoe soles at the doorstep and she darted out from behind the giant door and in no time she fired consecutive 2/3 rounds and before her eyes fell down two motionless bodies with a thud but to her great surprise out of the blue appeared two more hungry wolves who might have entered through the back door, slowly slowly they were making a barricade around her their tongues were salivating in hunger.

Annabela forgot her maiden home ,her hubby,the gifts splattered with world of love everything; her head was felt like churning, .her finger and eyes were focused on the trigger for that time the only savior but she was so darn tired she surrendered to her misfortune,she gave no second thought in making her mind up, in a blink of eyes she instilled a single hot lead into her left temple and fell down upon her face.

Yards away inside the washroom the blend of different formidable sounds made the old lady speechless.She heard the stamping away of the miscreants and on being sure she came out of the wash room and rushed to the bar,got perplexed seeing three dead bodies floating in the pool of blood ,she immediately rang up police station and sat down on a nearby chair ,she felt she would faint but controlled her nerve and resilient back to normalcy.

Police came and took away the motionless bodies to police hospital for postmortem and after all formalities were over the bodies were kept in mortuary..Their in the market god knew why Piran was feeling restless for some unknown reason, at 10 pm earlier before usual time she closed down his shop and came back home, he started calling Annabela shouting for quite some time but not being responded back started sweating out of some ominous thought,he felt a chilling stream flowing through his spine,the landlady came out and said she too didn’t hear any sound from downstairs all day long.Piran rushed to the police station and after getting briefed about the evening mishap and the description of a female dead body from the super Piran became dead sure about what he was going to see in the mortuary.A ward boy took him to the police mortuary for formal identification ,Piran reached the stretcher on which Annabela’s body was lying enshrouded by a white fabric.Piran after unvailing the cover was about to get fainted but a ward boy held him ,made him sit and sprinkled some chilled water on his face and brought him back to sense.Piran sat for few more time and on reeling feet went out of the police hospital.

It was then midnight Piran started walking now direction less andgot lost in that dark pitch night. He didn’t get back home that night for sure,but after a week police came and with the help of the landlady took away Piran’s belongings to their custody,he was not even seen back to his store any more,On the other side the two pairs of parents perhaps still staring through their window in Drhuk lest their children’s footstep could be heard at the doorstep.

Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)06/11/2016