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Why was every single thing so ugly?

Apr 26, 2016
Big Brat

An ordinary day for a demented Amazon.

Feb 28, 2016
How to Be Pretty

You need to eat. From birth to adolescence, amass an obscene amount of weight. Let the fat sag from your arms; let it trail behind every movement. Mind your hips. Mind them! Maneuver them around school desks and through turnstiles. Develop a scowl that envelops you. Obey it more than your brain, your heart, your […]

Jan 11, 2016

On the sidewalk, you are a red shard caught in the furthest left corner of my vision. We each speak through our friends and past them, addressing the street. I say something about the crooked awning and hear you shift your weight. It begins to snow for the second time this week.     *   […]

Sep 9, 2015