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You’re in Good Virtual Hands: On ASMR, Anxiety, Relaxation in the Side-Hustle Economy, and Being Baby

In this strange territory of dorkiness, role-playing, and absurd props, there is something like real magic, and it makes me shiver.

This is , a monthly column by Sarah Lyn Rogers on finding self and community in digital spaces.

Dog bite. Cat scratch. Spider crawling up your back—bite-bite-bite! Cool breeze. Tight squeeze. Now you have the shiverees






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Image: Kirby using a handpointer to point at text meme. Text on white poster: "being baby is a radical response to a culture in which older generations have infantilized us without nurturing us, a rejection of capitalist productivity standards, a joyful reclamation of tenderness, a revolution"
Photo courtesy of Aiden Arata/Instagram


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Will my silence be interpreted as disapproval? Does my face convey the right amount of appreciation?Am I talking enough during this, am I talking too much? What do I say, how much do I tip, am I allowed to say I don’t like something, that the massage hurts, that I don’t like the haircut?