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When Sleeping in the Room with a Dead Body Is Your Best Option

I do not want to be tire. My life is tire.

By E.L.

As told to Jessica Goudeau


I do not want to be tire. My life is tire. sometimes I prefer no to live and disappear myself.

We are having a quiz today. We are going to disect a rat today again which is horrible.

Things are getting bad this last days. They need to get better instead it is bad. I do not like my grades to go down but perhaps I do not care.

Why! Why? We have to know people that support us. But then they are gone. gone. Why people that we like have to leave us. I want to stop thinking about this and continue with my life. That is better. I think perhaps continue with my little life.


E.L.’s story is featured in the animated documentary “A Line Birds Cannot See” and she is currently working on a memoir. Because she and her relatives live with the worry of deportation, her name and a few identifying details have been withheld at her request.