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Me, My Grandmother, and Our Stutter

I tell her I’m surprised that no one else had ever brought up her stutter to her before. She’s surprised that I’m surprised.

I said I was going to do that

TheNew York Times

But you talk abouteverything

When do I tell him? Do I tell him? If I tell him, will he leave?

Not once?But you must have talked about everything? The man I love—we talk about everything.

Of course he did! So does the man I loveWe still talk about itBecause sometimes it’s nice to talk about things, even if no material change comes of it. Maybe another kind of change will—in perspective, in understanding. Or maybe no change will come at all and you’ll just feel better for having named something out loud.

I do toonoticed

you has

So I got it from youJust like I got my blue eyes from youWell, they got other thingsYour two sons got vitiligo from their father; one of them also got his diabetes

The Way We TalkThe Way We Talk

The Way We Talk


20th Century Women

The Way We Talk


I totally get it

We accomplished an enlightening conversation and a greater understanding of our shared experience