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Podcasts and Tarot Reading Showed Me How to Be Real Instead of “Good”

It is not enough to be pretty. It is not enough to be obedient, or deferential, or useful. Being not a problem is not enough for a person to live on.

This is, a monthly column by Sarah Lyn Rogers on finding self and community in digital spaces.

Are You Afraid of the Dark


Dream Freedom Beauty

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This is how ugly you look when you are badwas

Dream Freedom Beauty


I could have prevented everything bad from happening if I just had more self-controlany presence at all

But could I trust that he did not, in some tiny part of him, also hate me a little? Wasn’t that just how people who loved me sometimes expressed it?

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not a problem even smallerTell him it’s time to come in for dinnerTell him if he doesn’t come in right now, we’re all going to start without himYou didn’t hear this from me, but she said this terrible thing about himYou know how she gets.


Dream Freedom BeautyStarseed Survival GuideStarseed Survival Guide

Someone who finds your sadness and rage hilarious does not see you as a real person. You might be a sidekick or a secretary or a gold-star worker, but you are not a precious, tender, holy human being.

Tarot for the Wild Soul


Cosmic Cousinsus

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