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My Years of Summertime Sadness

She’s loved and lost and lost and lost and yet still loves, and I root for this assertion to take root. Every sweetheart deserves their summers.

This is Formation Jukebox, a column by Lio Min on being in transition and the music that helps them make sense of it all.

Hey, let’s have fun. Hey, let’s get drunk. Hey, we’re just trying to have a good time, can you watch the way he’s treating that girl, is she okay, where are they going, where am I going?

any Born to DieHouse of Balloons

Saturday Night LiveOh my God, I feel it in the air / Telephone wires above / Are sizzling like a snare / Honey, I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere / Nothing scares me anymore


Kiss me hard before you go / Summertime sadness / I just wanted you to know / That baby, you’re the best

thereBorn to Die

UltraviolenceLA Times

The Great Gatsby

Lust For Life