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Family, Fate, and Fortune Tellers: Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Just Want a Baby

I didn’t know, anymore, how to date like a normal person—how to give a potential relationship the space to grow into the family I dreamt of.

This isMy Future, My Fertility, a column in whichKarissa Chenwrestles with her questions about fertility, motherhood, and future-planning after thirty-five.



shouldn’t This probably isn’t true anyway.


feelingDo you want children, soon? Do you want to get married, soon? Are you financially stable enough so that we could raise a family together, soon?

moreIf it turns out any of your answers are “no,” what am I even doing here?


. The future you want is the future I want, too. The worries you have are my worries to share. You are not aloneWe’ll figure this out together.

as soon as possible


quite right