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Love in the Time of Panic

I could live inauthentically if it meant I could live with him. But my body kept betraying me with panic, and of course he noticed.

This is Formation Jukebox, a column by Lio Min on being in transition and the music that helps them make sense of it all.


Twin Fantasy,hear

Twin FantasyHunter x Hunter

That final terror is in your house somewhere / Hiding in boxes, behind closed doorways / Out from the forest adjacent to your garage / I’ve seen its marks at the corner of your eyesGood stories make bad livesWe were wrecks before we crashed into each otherWe have breakdowns / And sometimes we don’t have breakdowns

Twin FantasyPrincess Mononoke


Twin Fantasy

I want to hear you going psycho / If you’re going psycho, I wanna hear / Every conversation just ends with you screaming / Not even words, just ah ah ah, AHDon’t worry / You and me won’t be alone no more