Catapult Alumni | Poetry

Where we go to be together

This poem was written by Hayley Mojica in a 12-Month Poetry Collection Generator taught by Angel Nafis.

Poetry collection synopsis: Communion

holds its breath before digging deep
for the remaining climb—
our home on the hill.
Cement kisses the metal bottom
no matter how slowly we roll the rental in.
  Welcome home, strangers.

and imagine or remember
when it was a field.
To see the damage of our absence,
knowing they could not compare
to all the other hours we’ve waited.

with each look my mother gives
that tender over there patch,
that landing beside her own childhood home.
I hear the wood boards speak
as Mai makes two dinners.
My mouth waters
at the smell of her bacalao.

beside my grandfather’s machete.
It’s been years, but they still know
to leave room in their song
for the air
and the blade
and the green making love.

pinched under a wheel as he takes the ride down
I worry about the greedy asphalt
thirsting to drink his skin.

Ese muchachoand we all agree.